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One Horton Heath

One Horton Heath is different from other developments. From our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment to the early delivery of infrastructure, this is a unique opportunity to create something special in the heart of Eastleigh Borough.  

Eastleigh Borough Council will design and build the whole development. By bringing together local people, industry and council specialists, we’ll be exploring new ways to build smarter, better and more responsibly. 

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Planning update

Masterplan and first new homes planning applications submitted

In December 2020 we reached a major milestone with the submission of the respective planning applications for the Masterplan and the first new homes.  Both applications will now be considered by the Local Planning Authority who will undertake their own public consultation.

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Our journey

First proposed for development in 2014, work has now begun on the One Horton Heath site. Learn about the history of the project, major milestones and whats coming next. 


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