Public consultation feedback survey

We want to hear your views on our plans.

Please take the opportunity to help shape One Horton Heath by taking part in a short question survey. 

About you

2. About One Horton Heath

The vision and aims for One Horton Heath are set out in the Project Brief and described in the planning consultation video.

3 Our preferred locations

This section refers to the proposed locations of the Local Centre, Primary School, Sports Pitches and Employment Space detailed within the planning consultation film and the Master Plan consultation material.

4. First new homes

This refers to the first new homes at One Horton Heath, proposed at the southern gateway to the development. Explained in the Planning Consultation film and in the consultation material.

5. Access and movement

This section relates to proposals for access and movement in and around the developments boundary. Our approach is explained in the Planning film.

6 Local facilities

This section relates to facilities and services related to the proposed Local Centre. We expect this area to provide shops, cafes and community space.

7. The consultation
8 Other comments