What's happening now

Planned works for the next 7 days

Site wide

Land management 

Site preparation works

  • Location:  Areas located off Fir Tree Lane - at Foxholes Cottage and Fir Tree Farm buildings
  • Reason: Clear redundant buildings and associated waste.
  • Action period: Spring to summer 2021.

Chalcroft Farm - Phase 1 site preparation works

  • Location: 600 metres from Burnetts Lane at the end of the Chalcroft track - Footpath 241/3/2.
  • Reason: As part of our land management work, we are preparing areas of the site in advance of construction. At Chalcroft Farm the buildings will be carefully uplifted, dismantled or demolished with retention of specific materials and features that will be incorporated within the future development
  • Action period: June to August 2021.

Tree and hedgerow maintenance works

  • Location: Site wide.
  • Reason: To maintain a healthy stock of trees and hedgerows. 
  • Action period: May to December 2021.

Northern area of the site

Mildren Construction - Infrastructure segment 2

 Landscape works 

  • Location:  Adjacent to Allington Lane new roundabout.
  • Reason: New landscaping and open space works.
  • Action period: February to July 2021.

Southern area of the site

Mildren Construction - Infrastructure segment 1 

  • Location: At Burnetts Lane and Bubb Lane.
  • Reason: Construction of new roundabouts on Bubb Lane and Burnetts Lane and a new link road between Bubb Lane and Burnetts Lane. 
  • Action period: Ongoing. 
  • Road closure: As part of the infrastructure segment 1 works a full road closure and diversion will be implemented on Burnetts Lane, between Chalcroft Business Park and the junction leading to Blind Lane until Summer 2021.
  • Visit the One Horton Heath - Mildren Construction community site to find out more about the latest planned works underway and how to contact the team.

Bubb Lane (B3342)- Traffic management

  • Location:  Bubb Lane (B3342).  
  • Reason: Construction of new roundabout on Bubb Lane. Two-way traffic lights will be in operation. 
  • Action period: Spring to Summer 2021
  • Advance notice of up and coming works to tie-in the new Bubb Lane roundabout into the existing Bubb Lane road in July. 

Burnetts Lane phased works

  • Location: A 300 metre section north of the Chalcroft Business Park junction. 
  • Reason: Completion works to tie-in the new link road and roundabout to Burnetts Lane. 
  • Action Period: From 30th July 2021 for approximately eight weeks. 
  • Advance notice. Find out more on the phased works information flyer.