What's happening now

Planned works for the next 7 days

Site wide

Land management 

Site preparation works

  • Location:  Chalcroft Farm and areas located off Fir Tree Lane - at Foxholes Cottage and Fir Tree Farm buildings
  • Reason: Clear redundant buildings and associated waste.
  • Action period: Spring to summer 2021.

Tree and hedgerow maintenance works

  • Location: Site wide.
  • Reason: To maintain a healthy stock of trees and hedgerows.
  • Action period: May to December 2021.

Northern area of the site

Mildren Construction - Infrastructure segment 2

Footway works

  • Location: Allington Lane
  • Reason: Final works to footways.
  • Action period: February to May 2021.

 Landscape works 

  • Location:  Adjacent to Allington Lane new roundabout.
  • Reason: New landscaping and open space works.
  • Action period: February to May 2021.

Southern area of the site

Mildren Construction - Infrastructure segment 1 

  • Location: At Burnetts Lane and Bubb Lane.
  • Reason: Construction of new roundabouts on Bubb Lane and Burnetts Lane and a new link road between Bubb Lane and Burnetts Lane. 
  • Action period: Ongoing. 
  • Road closure: As part of the infrastructure segment 1 works a full road closure and diversion will be implemented on Burnetts Lane, between Chalcroft Business Park and the junction leading to Blind Lane until Summer 2021.
  • Visit the One Horton Heath - Mildren Construction community site to find out more about the latest planned works underway and how to contact the team.

Bubb Lane - Traffic management

  • Location:  Bubb Lane (B3342).  
  • Reason: Construction of new roundabout on Bubb Lane. Two-way traffic lights will be in operation. 
  • Action period: Spring to Summer 2021