Masterplan journey

One Horton Heath will set the standard for future developments to aspire to.  

The local area, and by extension the Borough, will become greener, healthier, and more prosperous, making One Horton Heath a place that serves the needs of the community. 

Building on the approved plans

A lot has changed since planning permissions were first granted. We are combining the best parts of those applications into a single new masterplan which takes a fresh look at the opportunities.  

By reframing the previous permissions with our aspirations for community benefits, we will create a new community space offering places to live, work, learn and shop, as well as a new connected community and open spaces. 

The new outline masterplan divides the site into phases, each with its own purpose, but with a continuous focus on people and place throughout. 

Alongside the masterplan, we are developing the detailed plans for the first One Horton Heath homes parcel. Located to the south-eastern area on the site, our first new homes will provide the blueprint for high quality homes across the whole site.

Involving local people 

While developing the masterplan with our industry and Council specialists, we are listening to voices in our community, capturing concerns, wishes, desires and issues in our designs. 

Our design team meet with local representatives, including parish councillors, youth leaders, residents and school leaders, through our development forum. 

The forum is organised into a series of workshops providing an insight into how the site could look. The process allows us to reconcile varying views through discussion and increasing awareness, while developing the early design. The results from each session are then interpreted and translated into our designs. 

204 P 191205 Workshop (1)

Completed sessions

  • Understanding Horton Heath 
  • Understanding site context
  • Site character area, house types and street scene
  • Land use
  • First spatial distribution
  • Character and spatial distribution parcels
  • Access and movement strategy
  • First layout, access and movement proposals
  • Specific character of key areas
  • Street scenes, elevations and landscaping (first parcel)

Future sessions

  • Whole Site - bringing it all together
  • First parcel - bringing it all together

Join us in September to take a first look at the new masterplan and first new homes plan find out more