Shaping our plans

In the Community

Community is at the heart of One Horton Heath. We’re involving local people in shaping the development through our local development forum, community projects and arts and culture. 

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Collaborating with the community

Local Development Forum

Understanding community needs 

Our Local Development Forum gives local representatives including Parish Councillors, youth leaders, residents and school leaders the opportunities to meet with our design team and put across their ideas, views and aspirations for One Horton Heath. 

The 12-session programme, which started in Autumn 2019, offers a structured design-led environment to engage on a range of topics, including site character, land uses and landscape.  

This feedback helps us understand what the community wants from the development to help inform the design process

Communicating through art

Artists Commission

Enriching our identity

Three exciting artists have undertaken a three-month commission to tell the story of the work so far and the future journey through art. The artwork collection will form a suite of images for use across the One Horton Heath site and communication platforms.  

Community projects

Get involved in our project

Does your group benefit the local community? Do you need a location for a community project?  

We are welcoming interest from local community groups with ideas for projects we can support 

One Horton Heath offers a particularly great location for outdoor activities. If youre involved in an educational, horticultural, charitable, social, health and wellbeing group or a local fundraising initiative, we would like to hear from you.


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